New Year, New Accessories

Posted: Jan 04 2014

After a very busy holiday season, we are ready to relax and start a fresh new year! In the past five months we have executed over 200 orders, hosted jewelry trunk shows, traveled to Turkey for more accessories and expanded our collections to include textiles. We have learned a lot, met some amazing people and are ready to take Bahar Jewelry to the next level!

One of our new projects will be to expand our textile collection. My sister recently traveled to Istanbul and brought back some beautiful, luxurious pashminas, colorful accessory pouches and pestemals. Pestemals (prounounced pesh-tuh-mel) are used in traditional Turkish baths, or hammams, and are highly absorbent and quick drying. They are so versatile and travel extremely well. They have been popping up all over the U.S. in high-end home and baby goods stores and usually retail for $40 each (we are selling them for $22). These towels are great for laying on the beach, sitting in the park or wrapping around your kids at the pool. It's a great travel accessory for a girl (or guy) on the go. 

In addition to our Turkish finds, I've been all over New York looking for stylish, chic and beautiful jewels. This month I was really drawn to pastels, spikes and jagged edges... and as usual lots of gold. Also, since the weather is so cold, I picked out a variety of studs that wont get stuck on your hat or pashmina, but are still chic enough to wear out. I can't wait to see what you all think!

Don't forget, if you see something and it is sold out, email 

Thank you all for shopping with us in 2013. We wish you all a fabulous New Year!